Unique 4-Stage Air Purification

Purifying air at four-levels before releasing it for you:

The ever-important Pre-Filter

Strong Electro Static Filter

Powerful HEPA Filter

Intelligently designed Carbon Filter

Ion Generator for further performance

Triple fan speeds to cut on energy cost

360° Air Intake

Compact takes the surrounding air from every angle, processes the pollutant from every side and then disperses it evenly across the room.

  • Experience the 360° of purification.
  • Fast and equal distribution of clean air
  • Circular form provides resistance and maximum performance

Triple Speed Function & Easy Mobility

  • Allows easy programming of the machine
  • Cuts energy costs
  • Extends the life of filter
  • Compact can be easily carried because of its built-in gelding handle

Designed for Highly polluted Areas

India being a diversified cold/hot/humid/dry country has a very large level of Air Pollution in the form of minute dust particles. The special design of filters holds more pollutants with a longer life than the other similar products in the industry.


Preventing Allergies

Ever wondered about the little things that cause allergy? Pollen, dust, pet dander and particles are much more threatning than you assume them to be. You would be surprised to know the amount of allergen you have been breathing daily and subjecting yourself to bouts of coughs, sneezes, and headaches. Install the Compact air-purifier today to experience clean breathing.

Keeping away from Dust

There are infinite airborne particles floating in the air. They are too small to be visible. But these pollutants like pollen, ash, carbon, insect and soil in the air are extremely hazardous to health. Compact air-purifier offers effective HEPA filter to capture and filter these particles completely.

Say No to Asthma

One of the most trusted methods for countering the effects of asthma is with an air-purifier. We build our product with HEPA filters to filter out even the 0.1 microns particles from air, thereby, checking all causes of asthma right from an early stage.

Joyous Pets

Our lovely dogs and cats bring us so much love and happiness, unfortunately they can also trigger our allergies and asthma. The pet dander clings to bed sheets, furniture, clothing and many other areas of your home. To prevent those pet dander from ever landing, we’ve designed our Air Purifier with advance HEPA filter which removes 98% - 99.97% of pet-related allergens from the air.

Smoke-free zone

If you live with someone who smokes or you often reap the unfortunate side-effects of passive smoking, we strongly recommend you to use Compact air-purifier with HEPA and activated carbon filter to breathe smokeless air.

Happy Children

Air-purifiers are an absolute imperative for modern day children. Why? Kids and infants have smaller lungs, naturally, they breathe more air than adults. A toxic air environment can cause serious side effects leading to major health and lung related diseases right from an early age. Let them breathe the air they deserve.

Mold-free air

Molds exist everywhere in nature. They spread and multiply in the air at a very fast rate. An Air Purifier can help in significantly cleaning the mold from the air, giving you a healthy breating experience. Try Compact air-purifier today to feel the difference!

Odorless environment

Beyond common odors from pets and mold, many homes are affected by cooking odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Compact air-purifiers are built with HEPA and activated carbon filter to remove the unwanted odors from your home and office.