Your home is your World.

It is an expression of your personality; your priorities, your style statement and a place you are most comfortable at. We at Gliese understand that!

That’s why we scout the world to bring you home appliances and products that makes a difference- a real difference in your daily lifestyle. While curating or innovating these products we keep in mind to bring the perfect combination of functionality, cutting edge technology and style.


What We See

What We See

Just like Gliese, the planet, we intend to be light years ahead of our competition. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and revolutionary designs that are integral to our products.

What We Want To Be

What We Want To Be
The Mission

It’s simple. We want to put you first and focus on offering you products that are built around experience, technological expertise and sense of style.


Research. Analysis. Emphasis. Solutions

After decades of research and studies, our team of experts creates and curates some of the most advanced technologies of the world and brings them to you for your comfort.

Form meets Functionality

Combining great ideas for health with sophisticated design—that’s what makes us a global leader in home wellness appliances and technologies.

Value Additions

Our technology-advanced products are efficient and competitively priced to offer you brilliant value for your money.

Glad to be of help

We believe our sense of care is essential to the way we work. All of our products have that belief in common.