Your baby can’t express but is having a tough time with the air!



Parents have the health and safety of their babies as their top priorities in life. An air purifier removes pollutants from indoor air, making it cleaner and safer to breathe. Wrapping your babies in a bubble of clean air, , no matter how costly, is well worth knowing his/her health is safe.

However, just how much must you pay for a room airpurifier? Just what must you expect out of it?

Is it safe to use an air – purifier in my baby’s room?

Recent Studies have found that ozone can cause rubbers, upholstery, and paint to deteriorate more quickly. If ozone can eventually scald the paint on your walls and the material covering your sofa, what can it do to your lung tissue? And such high concentrations of chemicals within the home originate from cleaning products, smokers in the home, pets that shed fur and dander, and airborne chemicals, such as VOCs (volatile organic compound) and off-gassing from furniture and appliances.

Children breathe in 50 percent more air per pound of body weight than adults do. That is why minimizing chemicals and toxins at your home is important. With clean indoor air few common symptoms caused by indoor pollutants such as headaches, sore throat, itchy eyes and dizziness can decrease- significantly.

Steps to be taken to prevent indoor air pollution harming your baby’ health:


  1.  Smoking is certainly one of the major problems that cause breathing complications in babies, but also is one of the easiest to avoid. Do not smoke at all if you have a baby in the house – even if they are not present because the particles remain either in the air or stuck on the surfaces. And try to avoid smoking in the car too.
  2. Avoid using carpeting that can trap dust.
  3. Get some plants at home, they not only make lovely accents to your room decor but many can clean air of toxins and release oxygen.
  4. Use “natural” products instead of harmful chemicals to clean your home. Try lemon juice and baking soda, instead.

Are Air Purifiers Dangerous?

Severe heartache, man suffering from chest pain, having heart attack or painful cramps, pressing on chest with painful expression.

One of the problems with various air purifiers is that the unit has no control to prevent over-exposure to the ozone. In fact there are plenty of ozone air-purifiers being sold in the market. Sure, the ozone can kill the toxins and spores in the air, but the ozone can also cause severe health problems. As levels of ozone rise in your room, the air purifier continues working and pumping out more ozone. Ultimately, the level of ozone moves from safe to unsafe in just a matter of time. It can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation.

With Gliese Magic, you’ll never need to worry because our air purifier do not generate any ozone in any shape and any form what so ever.

A safe air purifier solution for babies at an imaginable, logical price:

Having an air purifier at home, especially one with a true HEPA advanced filter and Charcoal Based Activated Carbon filter, like our Gliese Magic and Compact air purifier,  filters and trap airborne particles and chemicals, making the air easy to breathe for infants.. Since babies lungs are still developing, it is important to keep the air as clean as possible. But clean doesn’t have to mean loud. Our air purifiers are also extremely quiet, so they can run all night long without disturbing your baby’s sleep.



If your baby is especially sensitive or has allergies or asthma, providing them with an air purifier would bring not give him/her a healthy life but a happy living.