Why Should You Stop Using Ozone-Producing Air Purifiers?


If you believe that ozone-generating air cleaner is a healthier alternative for your family, you may be a victim of robust marketing strategies employed by manufacturers. Despite the tall claims made by the companies, these air purifiers actually contaminate your indoor air with hazardous layers of ozone. This fact is validated by a recent report of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It has found these systems producing ozone levels that are much higher than set standards of 90 parts per billion for one hour usage and 70 parts per billion for 8 hours usage.



Before knowing the flaws in this system, you must understand what ozone is and why is it better only high-up there.

Ozone is a layer of gases in the uppermost crest of earth. It protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays of sun. It is a reactive gas having adverse effects on respiratory system leading to problems like chest pain, coughing, as well as asthma. Outdoor pollution caused by ground-level ozone has long been recognized and treated by governments. But, indoor ozone protection has become a subject matter of concern. Ozone-causing purifiers only aggravate the situation and it is hard to assess their concentration levels inside any space.



Ozone-Producing Air Purifiers Are Totally Ineffective:

Ozone-generators, as they are commonly called, are not even effective to mitigate airborne chemicals and odorous pollutants from air. Manufacturers make many misnomers regarding these products. They can neither remove carbon monoxide from indoor air not are they capable to eliminate other dangerous pollutants.

Ozone-Generating Purifiers Can’t Even Remove Particulates:

Dust and pollen are the prime culprits leading to poor indoor air quality. Despite the deceptive advertising of manufacturers, ozone generators are completely inefficient in removing these particulates from indoor air. In this regard, HEPA filters are found to be more effective than ionizer techniques of ozone purifiers.

It Can Result In Dangerous Chemical Reactions:

Although ozone generators can eliminate many harmful chemicals yet they may produce hazardous derivatives as well. Even if they reduce the targeted chemicals, they are inept at controlling such serious side effects.


How to Control the Damage Done By Ozone Generators?

It is extremely important to improve indoor air quality of your home but with a safer option. There are many steps that you can take in this regard.

Control Incoming Pollutants:

Keep your home clean and properly ventilated to avoid emergence and growth of air pollutants. Try to keep doors and windows open for few hours every day to facilitate exchange of gases between your home and outside environment.

Use Better Air Purifiers:

Always lay your trust on proven technologies for air cleaners. These include HEPA filters, activated carbon, and mechanical filtration techniques.

With these steps, you can truly purify the air that you breathe in daily inside your home and foster better health for your family.