You Won’t Call Air Purifiers A Luxury after Reading This


With burgeoning levels of air pollution, respiratory problems have become a norm in modern lifestyle. It is the high time that it should be analyzed from a wider perspective. This menace is no more restricted to outer elements. In fact, it has traversed through the confines of your home to pollute the air within. Poor indoor air quality is an issue of concern especially when the level of particulate matter 2.5 or PM2.5 are breaching its set limit of 50 micrograms per 15µg/m3 even in indoor conditions.

It may have serious repercussions, if not addressed at the right time. Air purifiers are the best weapon to combat this fatal problem. Gone are the days when purifiers were considered a luxury restricted to elites. In contemporary times, it has become a necessity for every household.


Main reasons proving air purifiers are a necessity rather than being a luxury are:

1. Air Purifiers Remove The Particulates From Indoor Air:

Air purifiers are best known for their ability to decontaminate the air that you breathe in. Advanced technologies like HEPA or Higher Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, activated carbon technology, and nanotechnology ensure better and cleaner air. These sophisticated techniques help to remove dust, pollen, and other particulate matters to substantially improve indoor air quality. It is extremely helpful to protect your family from severe respiratory problems as well.


2. It Reduces Nasty Odors:

Breathability of air is largely affected by odorous elements as well. These odors may be emanated by tobacco smoke and wood smog along with other pollutants. Carbon filters of air purifiers can remove any type of smell easily. This ensures you a cleaner and fragrant air devoid of unwanted substances.


3. It Saves Your Family From Many Airborne Diseases:

Recently, there has been a substantial growth in the number of children suffering from serious problems like asthma. Kids and elderly people are most vulnerable to indoor air pollution. With rise of this menace in indoors of home and school, it has become a cause of worry for the parents. Air purifiers can remove such disease-causing pollutants and make air breathable for your entire family.


4. Air Purifiers Can Restrict Pollutants Of All Types:

Indoor air quality is not only affected by particulate matters or certain odors. Rather, a recent study suggests that over 500 pollutants including hazardous radon may be lurking in your indoor environment. To control all of these, you will require a proven technology inbuilt in an air purifier.

These points prove that air purifiers are a necessity for modern homes. However, they should be chosen appropriately. Inspect every air purification system precisely on certain parameters like efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability to make a right decision. Their prices vary but you should prefer a system that works effectively for your home.