How is your indoor air hurting you beyond imagination


What is “good air quality”? Most people assume that air conditioned rooms are safe hideouts yet, but it is a supremely wrong assumption. The air inside your home is actually 2 to 5 times more polluted and toxic than the air you breathe outside. Regardless, of your standpoint on the definition of air quality, improving poor air quality of your home should always be among your top goals. What you can’t see can hurt you even more. As Delhi’s air pollution remains at hazardous levels, it is vital to discuss as to why it is important to understand and identify potential issues, as well as know what you can do to help improve the quality of your indoor air.
Here are some ways to check the quality of air present in your home or office:


sneeze-feature1. Allergies tell a lot about your health:

It may be easy to adhere a recent allergy attack to a change in climate or season, but it could possibly be because of the toxins in your home air.

People happen to experience allergies in respect to a range of materials, including concentrations of dust, pollen and other irritations in enclosed locations than in outdoor areas. Possible symptoms include headaches, sneezing, connection, coughing, watery eyes and bloody noses.

If you or anyone is experiencing typical allergiespay careful attention to the arrival and disappreance of the symptoms. If the occurrences of the problems start shortly after walking into your office or home, and you notice the symptoms disappearing once when you leave the workplace or the room, that locations probably has poor air quality trapped in it.


Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue2. Observe New or Unusual Symptoms:

Many health symptoms related to air pollution seem to be mild at first. Few contaminants, such as toxic mold spores, hazardous chemicals and asbestos can intensely harm your health.

Incase you begin to notice nausea, fever, fatigue, rashes, chills, vomiting, muscle pain ,etc, possibilities are you are being exposed to more severe issue than you can imagine.
If you find yourself in this situation, do consult a doctor immediately.


hqdefault3. Be careful of your lungs:

The unattended chemicals in your home environment may affect your lungs quickly and in several extreme cases, possibilities lead to great severe health conditions. For instance, if you happen to experience any of the issues like pneumonia or bronchitis., it could be the result of toxic particles you’re breathing your home.

Inspect your air system clean it properly. Be regular to change your air filters on time and get an air purification system at your home. Basically, address the small symptoms and get them attended before they turn into bigger problems, especially when you and your family’s health are on stake.


Capture4. Monitor your surroundings:

If you have begun noticing health problems associated with poor air quality, you should start searching for causes of the issues.
If there is new construction going on near you, than perhaps that might be the reason behind your suffering health. Renovations, constructions or manufacturing can effuse many chemicals and particles into the air, which can easily enter your home or office through various ducts and ventilations.

Incase, you happen to live in a tightly- packed neighborhood, it may be considered to be a smart move to pay close attention to the actions of your neighbors. If they have painted their house recently or used any chemicals in someway or another, they may be entering your home and affecting your indoor air quality.

Noticing is appreciable as once you notice your symptoms and their causes; you can save yourself from much bigger hazards.
Excluding your neighbors, there are number of other environmental factors causing health issues and to identify and eliminate those is your responsibility towards your health. Polluted air near you may be a significant factor caused with – noise, lighting, thermal comfort or ergonomics. Each of these can also lead to eye discomfort, coughing, sneezing, sleepiness and such several health ailments. Taking steps to improve your air quality is more important than you may imagine at the moment.



unnamed-2-15. Work on your home air quality:

Monitoring and cleaning your surrounding is not enough, while your neighbors might be a cause, you also need to look towards the improvements, renovations and other changes in your house. If you have recently replaced the flooring, painted or made other major required changes, the purity of air is being compromised as a result.

The chemicals and toxins that you are breathing are being circulated in your entire home through the HVAC system. In order to prevent you and your family from breathing this, be sure to thoroughly clean up post the construction work has been done. Also, if you are using a room air purifier, do change the filters immediately.



Are-some-men-allergic-to-their-own-semen6. Instability in your body temperature:

Even when you are not experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, you can identify issues by noticing if your body temperature is varying from organ to organ. If yes, then , your body is showing early signs of having toxins in the blood system due to im purity of the airflow.
Therefore, it is necessary for you to pay attention to the humidity levels of different areas.
Identify the sources of the problems and work to improving your indoor air quality.