Air-Purifier for your home is the only solution to the choking air outside


What was water filter in the 90s is air purifier for the 20s. Air purifiers were perceived till the last decade to be a luxury home appliance, however, with scientists and environmentalists’ continuous study of the air has made them conclude globally- humans are breathing toxic these days, hence an installing air purifiers have almost become imperative for all households.

With the air pollution levels skyrocketing, a host of respiratory diseases have begun to affect Indians across the width and breadth of the country. A recent study by WHO indicated that 600,000 people are dying annually due to air pollution and guess what? India is contributing as astonighing 70% to that number.

In fact over the last few years, winter and Indian air pollution have established a strong connection. With festivals of fireworks, the air comes to standstill. A thick blanket of smog blankets everything, almost choking us with heavy levels of sulphur, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide. India, that has the world’s highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases and asthma. According to the WHO list air pollution has been the 5th deadliest killer of Indians. According to New York Times, poor quality air damages irreversibly the lungs of 2.2 million or 50 percent of all children across the globe. A truth to reckon with!

Although air purifiers are yet to become a lasting trend, you only understand their impact once you try one out. If you are considering getting an air purifier in your house, the brands worth considering are Kent, LG, Philips and Gliese. If you are willing to spend a whooping sum of money on it right to begin with, you can try out the higher range that touches upto INR 20,000 (approx) or you get one from the lower end of the spectrum to see how the mechanism works. The form and function more or less remains same across brands.

An airpurifiers tested and proven usage has shown how it restores our respiratory tract and leads us to wellness. Gilese entered the Indian market beginning 2016 and has already been driving huge sales and commanding the car air purifier market within last four months. Coming in a very affordable range, Gliese air-purifiers are modern, stylish, scientifically designed. The Gliese Compact and the Gliese Magic are two air purifiers meant for rooms of small and big rooms respectively.

An air purifier not only helps you to prevent allergies of all sorts and create a germ free environment, it is good news for you if you have a roommate or a family member who smokes and you don’t.