10 things you must check before choosing an air-purifier


The air now is toxic both within the house and outside. Unfortunately, we cannot control the air
outside but when home, we can decide on what we want to breathe inside the room? We can ensure
the purity and quality of the air we breathe.

Before you hastily pick out an air purifier, let us guide you through the steps.



1. Budget : This might seem trivial but actually is very important. Before you pick the purifier, introspect and analyse just what you need. Then go about figuring out your spending capacity and what is on offer in the market. They start from as low as INR 1000 and goes as high as INR 30,000 as well.

2. Filter Type :The kind of filter that your purifier comes with says a lot about its long-term performance and efficiency. It regulates the functionality, efficiency and overall performance along with the degree of filtration and removal of air-borne pollutants. Choices range from :

  • Mechanical filteringIon generators
  • UV filtration
  • Electrostatic air cleaners
  • Hybrid systems
  • HEPA

Needless to say, air purifiers with HEPA technology are the best in the market currently. With big brands like Philips, LG, Kent and new entrants like Gliese, all are advocating HEPA technology these days for its performance.

3. Air Change Rate : The ACH (or the air change per hour rate) tells you how often does the unit cleans the entire room’s air in a duration of an hour.

4. Noise : This might be a fairly important point to check up on before you get the machine. If it is noisy, pure air or no, it won’t matter.

5. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) : The CADR rating on each air purifier can be found on the AHAM seal which shows all three numbers for smoke, pollen, and dust respectively. The higher you set the number the more the air is filtered.

6. Size of Your Room : The capacity of your air purifier should be proportionate to the size of your room and if it is not, it can become a problem for you. Before buying, check specifications as to whether it can handle the size of your room. Also, often an air purifier needs to be turned on full or maximum level to serve best. Ensure that it is equally effective when running in low fan speed too.

7. Electricity Efficiency : Not just air purifiers but this is a crucial thing to look out for before buying any appliance. Like most appliances, these come with star ratings and make sure you pick one with a high rating.

8. Sensors, Built in Technology and Indicators : A lot of air purifiers have walked the extra mile by reducing the effort of their consumers by adding self adjusting switches, panels and indicators. They can gauge various moods and requirement of the users and function accordingly. These are smart things to have in your unit.

9. Mobility/Portability : It would certainly be more comfortable if you can carry or move your air purifier from one room to the other.

10. Warranty : For the purpose of user convenience, it is always important to check if the product has warranty or not.