10 Shocking Facts about Air You Are Breathing Inside Your Home


Despite being extremely vital to human existence, air quality is the most neglected aspect of modern lifestyle. The spectre of air pollution is often restricted to industrial gases and vehicular emissions. But here, you must take a note that the worst air that you breathe in everyday may be lurking inside your home.


This toxic air creates a layer of indoor air pollutants posing severe health hazards for your entire family. If you still can’t believe it, here are 10 alarming facts about indoor air quality that you must know.



1) Indoor Air Comprises More Than 500 Pollutants:

In a report of Environmental Health Sciences, it was found that contemporary homes are infested with over 500 chemicals including pesticides, molds, tobacco smoke, arsenic, asbestos, and others harmful compounds.






2) Your Furniture May Be Polluting Your Air Quality:

Most of the furniture in modern homes contains flame retardants with toxic called PBDE. Inhalation of this toxin can create respiratory problem.





3) Even Energy-Efficient Building Aren’t Safe:

Energy-efficient buildings have restricted ventilation. This restricts outflow of harmful gases sand chemicals emitted from indoor pollutants.






4) Candles And Air Fresheners Are Really Dangerous:

Mostly, air fresheners contain harmful chemicals like terpene leading to respiratory diseases and disrupted hormone functions in children. Even, candles can be dangerous due to carcinogens and hydrocarbons found in them.







5) Polluted Indoor Air Can Be Worse Than Outdoor Pollution:

Studies suggest that indoor pollution can be more dangerous as compared to outdoor polluted air. It is listed in top five environmental risks listed by the United States EPA.





6) Children Are Most Vulnerable To Airborne Pollutants:

Kids are more susceptible to these pollutants as they inhale toxins in higher quantity. Their immune system is not robust enough to fight allergic reactions caused thereafter.





7) Inkjet Printers Can Cause Indoor Air Pollution:

Printing inks contain industrial chemicals like glymes. These chemicals can lead to severe reproductive damages.







8) Increases Chances of Asthma in Children:

Asthma has become a silent epidemic for children and even, adults. Indoor allergens and tobacco smoke are cited as main causes behind escalating number of asthma patients. In America alone, 1 out of every 10 person is suffering from this problem.




9) Wood Smoke Is Equally Damaging:

In houses relying on wood for heating and cooking, wood smoke is a dangerous invader for health of people residing therein.Prenatal Exposure To This Pollution Can Cause Genetic Deformities:Prenatal Exposure To This Pollution Can Cause Genetic Deformities:









10) Prenatal Exposure To This Pollution Can Cause Genetic Deformities:

These include lower birth weight, increase cancer risk, childhood asthma, and slower growth. This exposure can also cause lower brain development for your child.

These facts prove that poor Indoor air quality is perilous but you can control it with an air purifying system installed in your home.